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Alpimat: A rare pearl nowadays, it is the store of reference of the mountaineers. If you foresee to leave in expedition where in the world, you will find everything of which you will have need there, with as a bonus of excellent advice. In this big space, one finds everything that it is necessary for the practice of the ski of rando, the cascade of ice and the climbing with still a length of advance in the novelties.
Thank you has you!

A big thank you to Mr Troisfontaine

To the Basque country one is proud from its mountains, the sea, and its culinary heritage. One tasted delicious cheeses of sheep, of the magrets, of the foie gras, it was necessary for us to discover some products to basis of fish. When one presented itself at Betiko, young enterprise installed lately on the traditional zone of Hendaye, that one spoke of Perpignan New York, of our partnership desire, the welcome was very cordial and it is with generosity and enthusiasm that they played the game.
They bring the biggest care to the selection of the ingredients, they provide themselves in local largely to shouted it of Saint Jean of Luz-Ciboure.
A beautiful variety of products just as delicious the some that the other, to mention some only of it: Axoa of tuna, of hake, marmitako of tuna, soups of fish, pâtés of tuna, sardines.
One advises you them, one tested!
They spoke to us a range bio shortly !


The Biomices store in "Argelés on Sea" is part of the cooperative Biomonde, a beautiful surface dedicated to the biologic food, a big ray of hair oils, of food complements, of expenses. A products very cordial welcome in all simplicity, one feels of it quickly trés at home!
It is here that Biomonde delivered us the whole food necessary to the crossing of the Pyrenees, and the Transat.
A big thank you for the kindness of all the team of this store. An address to counsel, of the small prices, the bio it is possible !!!

The DEEJO knife, one can have it to the masculine as to the feminine, it is rare. To the ARREMOULIT shelter, Charlotte gave me his, I have woman's knife therefore, it is class.
As for the models "Guy", they remain very original and especially terrific light.

ERTIPS, installed in VIENNA  ( valley of the Rhone), is specialized in the conception of rustproof facilities of coppercraft for the agroalimentary and pharmaceutical industries. Jean-Claude, CEO (experienced sportsman), and friend, always followed me in the different expées (of which it made left). I also carried the ERTIPS colors (yellow) in different Gallic Raids. I hold has thank Jean-Claude for its aide on our project.
Benoît Buffet is a professional truth of the photo, in his small boutique to quoted of Crossroads and Biomonde in Briançon ( 05). You will find the best material for amateur or pro, of the pulls paper of big qualities, the applicable advice of an enthusiast!
The basis to leave in mountain, a compass, an alti and a card topographic BIP 25 IGN. A big thank you in IGN of us to have provided all cards for the crossing of the Pyrenees.

Founded in 1987 by Pierre Oteiza, breeder and craftsman butcher, the House Pierre Oteiza is specialized in the Basque gastronomy. it has for main activities : raising, the transformation and the distribution of the products to Basque race pork basis but as more extensively of the local products (cheeses farmers of sheep Ossau-Iraty AOP, pepper of AOP Espelette, wines of AOP Irouleguy etc).

To shortcoming his activity and his renown, notably thanks to the Ham of the Kintoa (ham to basis of Basque race pork), Pierre Oteiza became with the passing of the years the ambassador of the Valley of the Aldudeses and of his gastronomy.

Since some days, one can see on the boat of them limp of canned food to the colors Basque garbures, velvety, fat livers, pâtés, simmered of the chief, crystallized, cassoulet, of the sausages, chorizo, ventrêches, magrets. One didn't wait to be in the middle of the ocean to test, one confirms the good taste of the Basque soil!
To import the flavor of the Basque pork in the four corners of France and the other quoted of the ocean an undid size for which Pierre Oteiza of which the quality of the products is recognized was a matter. Pierre Oteiza wants to see to run his animals in the fields and give them a food of quality.
A big thank you! Delight to be the ambassadors of this culinary art



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