The partners

Agnès b. became our partner, following a meeting in Perpignan on the occasion of the projection of her movie "I am called humm..."
An impressive woman by her course, a life filled of movies, of music, of art.... Of her house of ready-to-wear.... Of her political, social, humanitarian, scientific engagement.
A passionate woman who always has a new look on the things, people, the peoples, that are in the discovery, the rediscovery without passéisme.
A generous woman who helps, sustains, artists, sporty, passionate..... With a humility that inspires the respect.
You want to discover or to rediscover her universe connect to you to

A...Z Veils Saint Cyprien port. THE P.C OF THE PROJECT. It is not part luck that I dropped moorings owing this nice voilerie. It is not a luck either if all régatiers and demanding sailors confide their works of voilerie or tack to this team of enthusiasts by all things that concern the sea.


The Bonneterre society joined the Biomonde network to supply us. It is with big pleasure that we discovered these products, of which we are going to feast in mountain and in sea during these 5 months.

50 years that Bonneterre conjugates Bio and Good... Frankly gluttonous, like this small chocolate fondant that I nibble while writing this text!

A gait of choice of the best products, of enhancement of the specialties of the soil, well on ethics and as original as bringing some manufacturers knew for their knowledge to make to use biologic products, it is with all these ingredients that this delicious financier has been manufactured without a doubt to the almonds. Or this black chocolate with the caramelized almonds.

For all skeptics it is bio and it is not sad!

A big thank you!

During this journey of 5 months the cooperative Biomonde, specialized in the biologic food assures all our restocking,

A big thank you to all his dynamic and efficient (I think about Alexandra, Christelle, Cécile) team to the monitoring of our specific needs and that has, in all simplicity answered our solicitation positively.

The respect of the environment is an essential value of this adventure, it is thanks to Biomonde and Watt Sea and that we will be able to transmit this message all along our path.

has a Biomonde store surely close to at you, to push the door, you will find a friendly and full welcome of good products!


For that eats "bio", the Celnat mark is inescapable, specialized in the cereals, it is to the 19 ème century that Robert THE ONE begins its career in the domestic mill that produces flours for the bakery, of the oat flakes, of the barley formed...
Impossible to mention all products that he proposes to us, doughs of a big varièté, precooked cereals, and a delicious muesli crunchy to the chocolate, red fruits, apples canelle. During the two months and half that the crossing of the Pyrenees lasted, Philippe doesn't know tired ever of these small lunches, all her mates of strung or of hike appreciated the good taste and the nutritional contribution.
A big thank you in Celnat of us to have provided also for the transat these Crunchy, as well as of the seals of mineral salts, that (their exclusive rights) bring us in sea the indispensable complement of a water gotten to the désalinisateur.

LORPEN is a mark of Basque socks, specialized in the sock technical outdoor! Small enterprise domestic" made "Pyrenees in that produces the quality, and makes his proofs all over the world.

The original society is created in 1985, by 7 friends and family of Etxalar who decide to be at the time "Entrepeneurs" for facer the crisis economic of the region and begin to make basic socks (not technical)
his customers are big surfaces, but with time they see and foresee that the competition of the Asian markets will return the very difficult things. Then, they decide to specialize, and manufacture technical and effective socks for the mountain.
It is the year 1997, the Lorpen mark is born. 

Lorpen possesses the sytèmes ISO 9001 / Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management.
Besides the technicality of their products, their factory is innovative concerning the respect of the environment.
- reduction of the weight of packaging
- natural light in all the factory.
- System of recuperation of the steam of the ironing center, to get hot water for the centers of washing and drying.
- the packings paper and plastic are recycled.
- Biodegradable thread use.

Today Lorpen is present in 60 countries with socks and knee socks for Outdoor & Mountaineering (the mountaineering, the trekking and hike), the trail running, compression, multiport (VTT, bicycle, gym, etc.), wIntersports (alpine ski, ski of hike, cross-country skiing, snowboard).

The T3 tecnologie and T3 + is a Lorpen exclusive rights. If you have some questions on the products or the technology, don't hesitate to contact us.

The bags to OSPREY back are a reference in the middle of the mountain. It is Lionel DAUDET that made me discover this mark and since me adheres to the comfort of these bags to back, to their lightness and quoted them convenient, simple and efficient.
One doesn't laugh with the choice of his bag, because it is a little his small house that one has on the back.

Thank you in Maryline CASTILLA "OSPREY sport impulse"

I always used the small jewelry of at PETZL.  "Small jewelry" because there, one is in the perfection, so much in the technology, the efficiency and the finish. Thirty emergency years in mountain in the C.R.S of Briançon, one ever had one worries with this high-quality material.

Thank you to all the dynamic and creative team of the PETZL house

I took the time to find the ideal boat. I wanted it strong, fast, sure and modern. Only one model exists in this kind and it is the Pogo 30.

The port of Hendaye

It is at the port of Hendaye that we have finalisé the preparation of the Eixurit. One could have dreamed not better, welcome great of the capitainerie, I think in particular about his leading Michel Garcia. We found a bound and friendly ambiance there and made beautiful meetings!

situated Ideally, to two steps of this mythical beach where Spanish and French walk tirelessly the famous" passéo ", where the small and big surfers, beginners, experts, families take advantage of the waves, the colors of raising it and of the declining don't have anything to envy to palettes of luxuriant painters, to 3 minutes of the maritime shuttle of the beautiful streets of Fontarrabie, and of these delicious hit.

Hendaye and his port dealt with us the place ideal for the preparation of boats of carriers of projects, and the yachtsmen as well on! A network of very competent professionals (Navy Technique, Uship Mareva.)

Again a big thank you!

Priméal rallied in Biomonde to provide us in biologic products.

The Priméal mark is part of the pioneers of the céréaliers bio, one owes to her leader a true ethical engagement in her production, as in her way to manage this society humanly in constant evolution and discount in question to keep a true mind bio, with the constraints economic of our time

A big thank you to all this team for the products of choice that they place at our disposal!

Technical adviser for "Vertical" since 20ans, I had the privilege to test all this products high-quality.
Today the mark associated to RAID LIGHT is in the hands of a team of motivated youngsters, led by BENOÎT LAVAL that made the choice to become implanted to SAINT STONE OF CHARTERHOUSE.  The MP+ membrane gave its proofs in the worse conditions that one can meet in mountain and even in sea. Light, efficient clothes, but also a whole range of bags to back, downs, tents, bivouacs leads you on the track of RAID LIGHT" One doesn't change a machine that works say the American"
Thank you to all the team who trusts a "old trunk".

A project that makes itself little by little starts with beautiful meetings. Eric George of the CRS 58 allowed me to know leading Laurent of Rezomark. This enterprise creates and pose of the advertising or other flocages on all type of support. It intervenes well on in Catalonia and everywhere in France.
The flocage of my boat, from the drawings of children has been designated by Philippe Bellanger and digital on a paper special sea. "For your first Laurent boat it is master's stroke»

The luck and the risks of an offshore preparation of a Pogo 30 make the things well!
Mino the man key of "rom arranged" specialist of the electronics of the software of navigation and the data processing embarked to entirely controlled our systems. Three long hours of a meticulous analysis and optimization of our electronic brain of the side. In spite of his wage costs bound loud to the runners level of the road of the rum, Mino did professional's work that we could not even have managed ourselves.
A big thank you to him to have taken a precious time on his work "rhumanesque".


The port of Saint Cyprien
The sun of the Mediterranean, the singing accent of the Pyrenees, the port of Saint Cyprien is situated ideally, modern by his equipment it is valued very of the navigators, numerous in itself makes their port of attachment.
Thanks to Mr. Poisson, director of the communication, Mr. Paillarés responsible of the capitainerie and Mrs. Olibo his assistant the children of the schools participating catalanes to the project Perpignan New York via Hendaye one can visit the capitainerie, to share one meal with all the team of PPNY and to visit the boat the Exurit have that one granted king's place.
Thank you for your help and your involvement

Teem these are the specialists of the automatic pilots NKE and I thank them all of their patience I don't stop tracking them of miles questions and always full of kindness and good advices. Thank you has you!



TRIPLE ZÉRO... Certainly one of the best quality of down to the world and French manufacture.


Passionate of mountain and always to the monitoring of all things that touches closely or from afar to the mountain and other faraway expeditions. Louis, it is the friend of the mountaineers and more again, the friend of the highlanders.

Thank you LOUIS and QUICK THE WEST SOUTH and the ducks

about SEB!

first of all, it is a passionate and passionate man. Capable to make himself all his care dress, he handles the sewing machine as well that his picks or his small skis of extreme passageway. After having courru the world and it is not finished, he dedicates his time in his family, his profession of guide and his "CONSTANT publishing house."

Louis found the man of the situation.

The mythical mark of sunglasses mountain and sea is to our quoted. It is a big luck, the quality of the glasses, the design of the settings us will assure the protection during these months where our eyes will be to hard test.
Vuarnet comes back in strength on the market with his timeless models and novelties, all as efficient and comfortable the some that the other.
A big thank you... A team to our  monitoring !

The Optician to Briançon (05):

The Optician!  You want the best advice on behalf of an enthusiast of mountain and skiing, THOMAS is there for that. When I accompanied DOD of the White Mount in the Geneva lake, (DODTOUR) it is the" OPTICIAN'S" in Briançon that we equipped ourselves. As one says: It is a good house.

Thomas Combes "the optician" of Briançon is the inescapable address to buy your sunglasses, it is at home that we tried our Vuarnet glasses. Here the choice is vast, one is counseled there very well and all that in the good mood

Watt And Sea to La Rochelle (17):

Security in sea, comfort and respect of the environment
To conceive, to manufacture and to market systems of energy embarked on boats of pleasure, to bring more liberty, comfort and security to the yachtsmen and to contribute to reduce the impact on the planet: such is the daily incentive of the team of Watt&Sea.
To the origin of the enterprise, Yannick Bestaven, experienced face of the race to the large and talented creator of enterprise. In 2007 he throws in precursor and by personal conviction, the project to make the tour of the world in race while only using the renewable energies (sun, wind, water.) to produce the electricity necessary to the good working of the boat in the biggest respect of the ocean. 
The Watt&Sea hydrogénérateur, perfected in the setting of his Vendée Globe 2008, is the fruit of it. To make the biggest number of yachtsmen know his advantages in the world is a strong mission and a contest for the Watt&Sea team and his network of distribution.

We are happy to sustain Philippe Pellet in his project and let's wish him a beautiful crossing of the Atlantic in "positive energy" thanks to the Watt&Sea hydrogénérateur !


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