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Philippe Pellet, alias "TRONC" is not an unknown of the columns of kairn. One could follow it in numerous expeditions, of which the famous Skyline in company of Lionel "Dod" Daudet.

One makes nevertheless a small recall before asking him to present us his project: from Perpignan to New York (Crossed of the Pyrenees + navigation on the Atlantic)

Philippe Pellet Who is?

I am born July 13, 1961 in TOULOUSE. Teenager I adhered to the CADETS OF TOULOUSE, a small club of mountaineering. I was 15 years old. One year later, we were in reversible in the north face of the Vignemale!  I wanted to be a sculptor and I made cabinetmaker until the age of twenty years. Twenty years and dad of a small Laetitia girl. I rolled by bicycle, and I hardly touched the S.M.I.G. My first wall of climbing: the embankments of the Garonne, to go to mountain, it was the cherry on the cake. March 1982, I enter in the police, to make the help in mountain to the C detachment.R.S Alps of Briançon in the High Alps. 

LAETITIA, PAULINE and BENOÎT, my three children, my TRE SUMMITS and without forgetting JADE my small girl. 

From where came the idea to combine Pyrenees + Atlantic?

It is a little the continuation logical of the long courses of bones that made me share DOD and of a small sailboat failed on the banks of the Garonne... It was a "is worth anything."  There was also a history of love that ended to two steps of the center of the world" parks it of Perpignan." A desire to change the rule of the games, to prolong the skyline and to paint the mountains in blue. The summit will be NEW YORK and all artists are invited to leave a trace of this history that starts the station of Perpignan" Centre of the world" That is DALI who told it! On this day, it is the project of a rope, with my friend "Gépéto" Jean François ETIENNE, reprocessed of the P.G.H.M of Briançon and Guide of high mountain. It is a crew's project with "Gépéto" and Vincent PRUNIN a man of the sea, who vowed his life to the regatta and to the big large. It is also the project of the artists, musicians, sculptors, painters who compose autours of this journey. It is also the project of the children that drew fish, and biggest that will speak to of it to the school, as culture, of migration, of ocean....etc.

How does a mountaineer become him marine?

Child I learned to sail on the Garonne. Private of sea of a quoted, far from the mountains of the other, these two elements always attracted to me. Thirty five years later surviving of a profession and a passion where everybody doesn't arrive to the retirement, I leave the help in mountain for new adventures. I want of big large and of liberty, to leave some things in the Cases and more to think of it. To see the sea with eyes of children and to review the mountain like a beginner. 

What is going to be for you the hardest part?  

The beginning and the end. The time to take his marks and to live to the rhythm of the lying and surveys of sun. The time to accept the end not to say that the beginning was hard. 

How long you for each of the sections consider?

Perpignan / New York via Hendaye. Three months in the mountains, 38 days of sea, and a few less for the return. 

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Him has an interest for this kind of project of the other quoted of the Atlantic?

Why look for an interest, every faith that one gets involved in a big adventure. I sold the half of my house to pay me for a boat and to share this delirium with pals. VERTICAL / RAID LIGTH / PETZL / WATT Hydrolienne / energy SEA end clean / BIO WORLD / YOGI TEA / OSPREY / REZO-MARK....etc, help us materially and it is enormous, big thank you again. Of the communication to the long-court, veiled what our partners wait for us. These are the artists who will give an interest has this project. The humanitarian complete exploration makes itself so much by one interior journey that outside. To produce a tie between artist and mountaineers / marine, assure this complétude. Journey and displacement: The contemporary artist participates in the expedition.

do You come back how after?

The ideal would be to go some days by NY and to come back to the sail... Business to follow!

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