Philippe Pellet

Philippe Pellet says: "Tronc"

  • 52 years, cabinetmaker of formation
  • guide of high-mountain
  • lifesaver in mountain to the retirement...
  • author of numerous first cascades of ice and mountain in Europe, America and southern earth
  • member of the ghm (group of high mountain), circle of mountaineers high-level

Last realizations:

2002 Canada:

  • 1st face north Mount Robson in winter "Infinity patience" '
  • 1st glacial way of rank 7 in mountain, "Kitchener mount"


  • nomination to FFME crystal

2004 Skyline:

  • tower of the massif of the Cases with Lionel Daudet. 55 days, 250 Km of which 110 of pure mountaineering, 81 summits

2005 High Alps:

  • "The mills of my heart" cascade of drawn high-level ice and climbed in the face north of the Gramusat

2006 Kerguelens:

  • several first on the "Ross mount." Big media repercussions, movie distributed by the French television

2007 Patagonies:

  • expedition mountaineering

2008-2011 Cerces + various:

  • opening of numerous rocky ways

2011 On the thread of France:

  • mate of Lionel Daudet on the steepest part of the borders of France of the summit of the Mount-white to the Geneva lake


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