"To promote and to develop all shape of action encouraging the accompaniment
and all person's insertion in situation of handicap."
"To develop a mind of help and solidarity around these themes, in tie with people and the associative actors, in situation of handicap or no."
"To participate in the organization of all demonstration in favor of the Don of Bony Marrow and all other pertaining action to the fight against the Leukemia."


82 4000 are an association that sustains the right to the leisure for all through the ascension 82 summits of more than 4000 of the alpes and organize stays of discovery of the mountaineering with resourceless people.


Renting and sale sporty facilities Saint-Lary Soulan High-Pyrenees

Renting and skiing matériél sale: alpine, bottom, hike and accessories of mountain,
Renting of bicycles: VTT, VTC, equipment canyoning and climbing.
Organization of stays and sporty activities

Since 1965, the enterprise is present in valley of Aure, in the Pyrenees, in the crossroads of the stations of Saint-Lary Soulan, Pla of Adet, Espiaube, Piau Engaly, Valley Louron, Peyragudes. Our experience and our know-how assure you a big quality of welcome, service and expertises.


Deejo is a mark of the Coriolis society, suited 22 Rue Charles Graindorge in Bagnolet (93170) France.

Coriolis has been founded in 1995 by Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau and propose products of cutlery and the accessories of hike under 2 marks that belong to him: Baladéo and Deejo.

Made with the biggest care in the worry of the respect of the men and the environment, our products are marketed all over the world.

Our products are achieved in noble and lasting (wood, horn, effective rustproof steels.) or modern (plastic, resins and resistant nylons) materials. We bring a particular care to the process of manufacture since the realization of the first sketches until the setting in production of the product finished.

Our designers elaborate new products or reconsider traditional products while privileging their functionalities (weight, clutter, manipulation, comfort, taken in hand.) and their aesthetics without disregarding what remains essential to our eyes: the pleasure that you will take to possess them and to manipulate them.

We exercise a control stern quality since the lines of manufacture until the provision of our distributors to arrive until you.

TO foot, by bicycle, on horseback or in roller, to the city, to the country, in mountain or in side of sea, on a green, an area of pike has or in the middle of a field, Baladéo proposes you a multitude of nice accessories to accompany your simplest jaunts. Of small useful and precious objects, source of minuscule pleasures, that one takes as much pleasure to slip in his/her/its pocket that come to use the moment.

Extinguish the screens, zap the television and leave to take air. Vivify, bewitching or relaxing, compose yourselves some jaunts to order, to your rhythm: the big air wants you of the good.

To soon, to immediately, see you later... and good jaunt!


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