The team...

A...Z VOILE that is for me pleased that a is the fisher's cabin, the small coffee of the morning, the good daily mood and the whole peace that these places can clear.

something again for me, the mountaineer lost to the surroundings of the tips and other spis and big veils spread on the planché as wings of bird injureds.

Here one makes some miracles, everything that is damaged is repaired, a real arm of iron against the strength of wind.

Thank you again,

Phil Pellet

To all friends of the help in CRS mountain and policemen for whom I have the biggest respect.

A wink to this superb profession that I practised during 30 years in Briançon... And 1 year in the Pyrenees.

Belen Martin Miguez

- Oceanographer

- Singer

Bruno, cousin of Philippe at the time of deposit them of restocking in the emergency units.

He does the last provisioning on the sector of the Basque country,


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